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How to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Its Best

How to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Its Best

You may be the proud owner of a new wooden flooring or it has been installed a long time ago, either way there are measures you must take in order to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

Your wooden flooring is a natural material, so you must use products that penetrate the wood and maintain its natural properties.

You can enhance the wood by allowing it to breathe, and using the right products that will get the best out of your wooden floor and make it last longer.

The first thing you should do is follow the manufacturer’s advice or instructions, if you had help to install your flooring, you may have already been given some advice on how best to maintain the wood.

You should also keep as much dust and dirt out of the wooden floor by sweeping it daily. The longer that you leave the sweeping, the more likely it is that the dirt will become stuck in the flooring and will be harder the remove.

Damp mopping is also important in the maintenance of your wooden floor; it is also the most effective way to remove spills quickly and efficiently. Damp mopping is also effective for large and small areas, and gets rid of stains that accumulate on the floor.

If you have already been recommended a cleaning solution by the manufacturer, it is strongly advised that you follow their guidelines, as they will have researched the best solution for your floor. You should always choose a cleaning solution that is pH neutral, as acidic cleaners can strip any varnish or oils from your floor board.

There are also measures that are only occasional. You may choose to re-varnish your floor or choose a wax cleaner for intensive cleaning. Either of these options will bring your wooden flooring back to life and enhance your wood floor.

These intensive cleaners are also good for particularly bad or stubborn stains, and only require a small amount applied to the floor board.

Another option is to seek a professional cleaner for your floor. Wooden floor boards can be cleaned and polished with a single disc machine that will apply a thin layer of an oil based finish to your floor.

You can also take extra measures to protect your floor board from extra scratches and damages. If you have furniture on top of your floor that is a potential scratch hazard, there are many products on the market such as soft pads that you can secure to the bottom of your furniture to prevent any damage.

You may also choose to cover an area of the floor that is subjected to more wear and tear, such as by a door, this can easily be covered by a mat, and provides more protection to the floor from shoes.

Looking after your floor does not have to be costly and maintaining you floor board correctly will mean that it will last you for many years to come.